HAR specialises in unique upcycled clothing.
Each item is carefully created by reusing selected original textiles. 

The integration of authentic and modern interpretation, breathes new life into the designed piece,  and draw the wearer into an individual experience.

HAR in Hebrew means - ‘Mountain’ -a higher place in nature.The relationship between nature and tradition is an essential part of the brand. 

The inspiration and design process begins with the textile itself, natural fibres like cotton, linen, silk and wool-that feel good on the skin.

Each piece is cut and stitched, capturing the spirit of the cloth. 

The original material gives the inspiration for the new design.

Handcrafted embroidered clothing has become an expensive and rare option. We are losing the appreciation, abilities and skills, as well as the connection with the source of the creative process.

Upcycling and repurposing of textiles provide tremendous value to us and our environment. 

HAR does not produce seasonal collections. The unique items will be worn year after year. 

HAR brand was launched in 2021 in Israel, and was founded by the Fashion designer Hila Brodie

After finishing her BA from Shenkar College of Design and Art, She has lived and worked internationally for the past 8 years, designing for Tommy Hilfiger, Tiger of Sweden, H&M and more.

Hila is based in Tel Aviv, Israel.